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PostSubject: Server Rules   Server Rules EmptyMon Mar 12, 2012 2:31 pm

By entering this site and using our game service, you automatically agree with these rules and prove that you read these rules.

General Rules: (Global accurated, every irregularity will cause into an immediate ban)
* Do not curse, insult or discriminate (includes racist statements) other members of our community.
* Do not commit a fraud, fudge or misconduct.
* Do not advertise for any website, program, server,... Advertising isn't allowed on our server.
* Do not spam the forums when the server is offline, we will notify you if there is anything going on or if there is a check, update or something else. Please be patient.
* Do not ask GM, Admin or Staff members for items, to spawn monsters, gold or anything else. Begging or spamming PM`s to Balticroad team to get stuff that you should not get will lead to warning and evetually ban.( that apply when you have not donated or won a contest/event )
*Do not bother Super Admin, Admin, moderators or any other staff member of the Balticroad community. This also means that disrespectful or rude behavior against any staff member won't be tolerated and could result in a permanent ban.

Shopping Rules:
* Keep in mind to treat the payment always as a donation, we will not accept normally payments. So we are adding you quasi special items etc. as a gift.
* The BalticRoad-Team will not restore any lost items, neither trough scamming nor trough a rollback - especially not without proofing it.
* If you File a Chargeback you will be permanently banned.
* As all items and services you get via donation are counted as a gift therefore Balticroad team has all rights do edit and modify them as they see fit at any situation.

Forum Rules:
* Notice the language section in which you want to post and use only the prevalent language.
* We do not allow flaming, spamming or flooding on our forum. Means in detail do not double post - there is an edit button to modify or actualize your post.
* If you are about to post a question you should search at first for threads which could solve your problem.
* Do not post harmful links, pornography, insults, or advertisements (except if it's for advertisements contest).
* Do not whine about banned accounts, also do not discuss it. If you have been banned, there was an crucial reason. There is NO negotiation possible.

Ingame Rules:
* Those who use bots will be banned immediately.
* Town-spammers are not allowed. This ruins the gameplay of other players. This can be punished appropriately by a GM.
* Nicknames like |MOD|, |GMA| or |GM| are not allowed and will cause into an immediate ban.
* Do not abuse bugs to give yourself an edge.
* Third party programs are not allowed on Balticroad unless they are approved, allowed an tested by the Balticroad team.
* Do not trade, sell or buy accounts and other goods for real money from other players. If you do loose money, we are not responsible for your deeds.
* Do not joke about botting we could take it for real which will result into a ban.
* Modification of our datas (PK2) is not allowed and will result into a ban.
* If you see a player who probably use bugs, bot or glitches then you must take screenshot and report in forums right away.
* We expect all players to report bugs, cheaters, people who are violating our rules,... to optimize the gameplay of your fellow players. If you don't notify us, then you are treat as an accessory.
* Unrespectful or rude behavior to any staff member wont be tolerated and will result in a ban.
* If we catch you using exchange spam during PVP, you will get punished.
* Bothering any Balticroad staff member with asking for items, powerleveling, gold, party,... Won't be tolerated and can result in a permanent ban.

These rules are made by Zeding12, the owner of this community and Angelshade, the Admin.
These rules are written by AngelShade

PM [GM]AngelShade for questions or notifications about these rules.

LeG3NdS-Sr0 Team fine
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Server Rules
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