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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Server Rules EmptyMon Mar 12, 2012 2:29 pm

1. No hacking, abusing glitches or bugs whatsoever allowed. All standard gaming rules apply.

2. Keep all language clean and civil.

3. Do NOT use ALL CAPS in Global, We can read and do not need you shouting and disturbing others.

4. Do not spam skills to lag others or you will be warned and appropriate action will be taken.

5. Respect the Owner and GM's at all times.

6. Do not mention other server names for any reason.

7. Any account found hacking, abusing glitches or being a pain in the ass will be permanently banned - there will be NO second chances or excuses.

8. Flaming & hacking others accounts, is disallowed.

9. This is a free service. You can't complain about server state, rollbacks or anything else. You play it like it is. You may be banned from game in any moment and without any explications. This is a free service, we expect co-operation so don't ruin it for us, the other players and yourself.

10. Mentioning other servers for any reason is bannable.

11. This is an english speaking server, Please try to use only english in public chats.

12. You are not allowed to sell Items/Silk/Accounts for real money, any account found to try to do this will get instant and permanent BAN.

13. After reading all of the above, you must have an idea of what we are getting at.

By:[GM]AngelShade fine
LeG3NdS-Sr0 Team
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Server Rules
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