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Thank`s for Joing OverLImit-Sr0 }Here You will find New Friends and More{ {So Be The Best} By:[GM]AngelShade



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*Can you introduce a little about yourself?

This is [GM007, People tend to call me hardcore, 'coz i play and work hardcore. I am
dependable, loyal and easy going; very compassionate. I will give you the shirt off my back and
the last nickel in my pocket. I am a good listener and I value team players who don't rock the
boat. I usually clean up after the party is over.

*What are your hobbies and special skills?

Playing computer games all sorts of genre, FPS,Hack n' Slash,Side-
scrolling,Fighting,Platform,Strategy, & MMORPG. You Name It!!! Most days!!! Also I like to cook!
Usually on my free days I practice cooking. Drive to the market early in the morning and look for
some fresh vegetables and meats. I love watching foodies on TLC and Lifestyle specially when
Anthony Bourdain is on the go with his philosophical new age punk food critics and Andrew
Simmern is on the hunt for the bizzare foods! I really want to be a good chef in the future,
hopefully! =)

*What is the strongest point of Silkroad Online?

Silkroad Online has an exceptional computer graphics like items and skill effects are detailed,
unique, & truly original.

*What can you say to the Silkroad Online Players?

If you're not hardcore, you're not gonna be hardcore. Unless you play hardcore!!! So remember
don't ever, ever, ever use third-party programs 'coz its not hardcore! Play fair or else! Peace!

Thanks for you to be with GMs.

- [GM] -007 -
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