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 The Official Mythic Saga Guide Archive 2012

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The Official Mythic Saga Guide Archive 2012 Empty
PostSubject: The Official Mythic Saga Guide Archive 2012   The Official Mythic Saga Guide Archive 2012 EmptySun Dec 16, 2012 6:15 pm

About the Protest: Sure there are things you have to pay for in the game, its like that in alot of pc games; it just means you have to meditate twice as long, battle twice as hard, and do repeatable missions 4 times more and not simply site there and use auto-combat and pathfinding to make your way through the game. You can still get the items you need and want but WORKING HARD for them.

This guide is directly copy and pasted from the Mythic Saga Sea version by Voomga. I nor does my guild take CREDIT for putting it together. Thanks to TempleKnight from MS Sea for putting it together! All I did was a bit of editing and proofreading and added a few of my own tips (they are labeled my tips)


Hello, this is my first guide for new player. This is all based from my experience in CBT1 and CBT2. There might be some info missing, i may forgot or i maybe missed it. But feel free to add any info so i could update it. Again, this guide is for newbie who are starting the game and barely have any info on what to do.

1. Class Choosing
In every game, whenever u start the game u will always have to choose which character u are going to be role playing with. As for Mythic Saga, there is 4 class that can be chosen.

- Warrior : Melee attacker, have very good defense and attack and high hp but lack of dps. This is the class that are the best at tanking and at the same time deals decent damage. The cons of choosing Warrior are lack of dps skills, high cooldown. Definitely choose this class if u liked to solo the game and rarely socializing

- Assassin : Melee attacker, have high melee atk, moderate defense and hp, high dodge and critical. compared all of class, Assassin definitely have the best dps in the game. With high attack, u can deal massive damage in short of time. The downside of assassin is that it isn't really hard to take down because of that moderate defense and hp.
My Tip: On assassin Left Tree (dagger) skills are more for PVP and right tree (poison) skills are more for PVE (aoe'ing). Get the passive buffs from both sides of the tree though. You can use poison for PVP but you have to really be sneaky about it

- Mage : Magic range attacker, have really high magic attack actually the best in the game. Super high critical. As any other game that have mage class, it is a glass cannon type. Which means u can deal outrageously massive damage but at same time u are very fragile. Cons, low defense and hp.
My Tip: Left Tree for PVE (aoe'ing farming) and right tree for PVP'ing.

- Priest : Magic range attacker, moderate magic attack, hp and defense. as the name said, Priest are a support class. This class isn't really top notch, but as when game reached mid point, priest is definitely a must in a team. People will definitely be looking for priest. As for now, priest healing have quite long cool down, but this has been brought to Mythic Saga Devs for a review of priest class. A little bit tweaking and priest should be able to stand on par with other class.
My Tip: Right tree for damage and left tree for healing.

Note :- Before u choose your class, make sure you choose the class you liked the most and to your style of role playing. Don't choose a class because someone said its stronger, its the best etc. You might end up regretting it and starting over.

Factions : There are the factions in the game, Mythos, Terra, Atlas. U can choose any faction u want to be with. Example if u choose Mythos, then Terra and Atlas will be your enemies and vice versa.

2. Leveling up
To level up in Mythic saga is isn't that hard. From level 1 to level 42 (at least) it could be reached within 3 - 5 hours. Depends on the time u playing it. I will make just points on how to level so it will be easier to understand.
- Do every quest that are available to u.
- The game are pretty much auto, so it wont be a problem to search and kills.
- Don't forget to read the quest, because it teach u the basic mechanic of the game. (For new players)
- When u reached lvl 38, u can do repeatable quest. (Killing Elite Burglar) which give decent exp and gold, so my advice is get a full party and start killing. Each mob that your party member kills will count towards your quest too. So it will fast =)
- u will get another repeatable quest at lvl 41, this quest will be going on till u level 45.
- for lvl 46 and above, this is the start of your grinding life in the game. Quest wont give u much exp, so u will have to grind.

My Tip: When grinding mobs especially using aoe's put your relic on TANK mode for some serious damage reduction or recovery mode for heals. I prefer tank mode medicine seems to heal just fine.

Note :- Don't do your ancient script quest yet. Wait till u get higher level, probably around 40+

3. Gearing up
As u level up, u will get new gear. Don't neglect doing quest, it will tell u how to craft gear. Gear has many grade. Crafted gear has 5 grade. Every grade will boost your gear power.
Supreme --> Epic --> Legendary --> Mythical --> Godlike
Only crafted gear can be tempered and upgraded.
The basic on crafting gear can be found here : http://www.voomga.com/news_center/news_view/1430

This is the important part of gearing up, read it carefully so u wont be confused on how people get decent equipments in game. Ill be teaching u on how to get ur equipments to level 40.

Gear are divided into levels,
-level 10 gear
-level 15 gear
-level 20 gear
-level 25 gear
-level 30 gear
-level 35 gear
-level 40 gear and on (40 to 49)

The most important materials for tempering gear are pearl essence.
Pearl Essence Lv 1 for gear lvl 20 - 25
Pearl Essence Lv 2 for gear lvl 30 - 35
Pearl Essence Lv 3 for gear lvl 40 - 49
Pearl Essence Lv 4 for gear lvl 50 - 59
Pearl Essence Lv 5 for gear lvl 60+

Pearl essence can be obtained from Instance and World Boss.

Tips & tricks on tempering gear
- Don't craft gear above level 25, if the quest popping up window that wants u to craft gear above level 25, close it.
- Before tempering, try to get your blessing to max. This will help u get higher chances on successful upgrade. U can ask your friend or any other people from your faction to bless u.
- Lvl 20-25 gear max temper are +8, so before u upgrade ur gear into higher levels, make sure its +8. U will be using pearl essence Lv 1 a lot. So save up PE Lv 1 to get all ur gear to +8
- After ur gear reached +8, upgrade ur gear to level 30.
- at lvl 30, max temper for gear are +9. So now u see why i want u to get your gear to +8 first before u upgrade it.
- Before trying to temper it, get your friend to bless u or try your luck at daily divination for a bless buff
- The step are the same till level 40 gear. Temper your gear to +9 and upgrade it to higher level.

oh and u cant upgrade your gear above your level.

The most important part of equipments to be get/upgraded first :
1. Weapons
2. Armour
3. Legs
4. Helm
5. Boots
6. Gloves
7. Rings
8. Accessory

How to get your weapons to Mythical quality :
for example,
-You have a level 35 sword +9, the first things u need to do is that imbued your weapon.
-if you open upgrading window, you can find imbued option on the right of the window.
-Now the level 35 sword have 3 stats that can be increased by imbuing it. Max imbuing are level 3 for each stat.
-You need a fusion gem for each try on imbuing your sword. Note that imbuing doesn't always successful, but if you failed, the chance will increase.
-After you get all 3 stat imbued to lvl 3, its time to upgrade your weapon to lvl 40.
-After that, you need to temper your sword to +10. Once again, make sure you have full blessing. Either ask your friend for it, OR try your luck at daily buff npc. Don't upgrade your weapon if you don't have full blessing.
My Tip: If you fail when tempering your weapon it is possible to drop 4+ levels. I failed 1 time trying to +10 my gear and it went all the way back down to a +5!

__________________________________Moon Tree Guild Informational Tutorials________________________________

How to get Married in Mythic Saga
City/Area: Sun City
Location: 143, 11

In order for you to get married you have to visit the above location by in Sun City. Both you and your partner have to be there. You both have to be in a party (made up of ONLY you and your lover), with the man being the leader in the party. Once you correctly establish your party; please talk to the marriage priest.
You will be taken through a series of events and quests before you are able to officially get married.

Good Luck!

*This Information is brought to you by The☽Mooñ•†ree☾ Guild; The Official Guild of Informational Assistance *


Understanding Trading and Bound Items
City/Area: Item Bag
Location: Icon on Blue Bar at the Bottom of your Window

In order for you to trade any item with someone else the item MUST NOT be bound to you. (You can see if an item is bound to you by looking at the item and seeing if it has a little lock icon at the top right hand corner of the picture.)

Once it is bound there is no way to unbind that item; When you first get an item and you notice how when you go to your item bag items are all glowing DO NOT HOVER YOUR MOUSE OVER THEM. Simply wait for the items to stop glowing. Once you do this correctly you will see that there is no lock icon at the top of the item, and you will be able to trade it.

Good Luck Trading!
*This Information is brought to you by The☽Mooñ•†ree☾ Guild; The Official Guild of Informational Assistance *

Finding/Following your Party Members
City/Area: Anywhere
Location: N/A
When you are in a party with other people and those other people go on ahead without you to a location to fight enemies etc. you can easily find them again by clicking on the party members avatar icon (on the party list which will appear on the right hand side of your screen above the chat) and clicking “Go to Party Member”

You can do the same thing if you would like them to lead you to a specific area. Simply click on the person you wish to follow (please be standing next to them) and click on their avatar (which should have appeared at the top of your screen and click "Follow"
Happy Hunting!

*This Information is brought to you by The☽Mooñ•†ree☾ Guild; The Official Guild of Informational Assistance *


Understanding the Mythic Saga Story:
The Story Goes as Follows:

One day a Powerful Ultimate Ray of Light Peered down from the heaven(s) and took the loves of innocents and demons. When everyone woke up they were on the battlefield with weapons and other gear.
No one knows what happened, how it happened or why, but people began pointing the blame on others. Sides were taken, Factions were formed, and no one speaks of the day they can’t seem to remember; all everyone does now in this mist of chaos is fight. No one truly knows exactly what happened but the Saints and the Alchemists, and that it was actually the Saints fault, the very pepole we depend on to help us lvl up, long ago they wanted to be with us the humans, but in order to do that they needed to be accepted into mythos which they weren't allowed, the ray that came down and took the lives of so many was their fault, and why we dont have our full strength or memories and why everything is the way that it is now.... hopefully we can fix it.


What is a Faction:
The zone side you chose to be on when you signed up for the game, you can either be Atlas, Mythos, or Terra.

Understanding the Factions:
Atlas – A Faction that Hates Terra, more than It does Mythos.

Mythos—The Peace Faction; they are the Faction who is suppose to try and keep peace between both sides.; (even though this is what the game says neither Atlas nor Terra can befriend members from Mythos) My guess is because Terra and Atlas want Mythos to choose a Side or Stay out of It.

Terra—A Faction that Hates Atlas, more than it does Mythos.


How to make a specific City my Set Home:
Go to the resurrection NPC of the city you want to make your Set Home and talk to her.


How to Teleport to a specific Location on a map:
In the upper right hand corner simply click on [MAP] and your map will appear you can click on a specific area in your current city to move there


Click [MAP]
[Faction Map] then click the location
a window should appear asking you if you would like to teleport there simply click [Yes]


How to Tell someone in Chat my Location:
In the upper right hand corner of your screen; above trackquest and new the News tab you will see some green words in a tab. Hold the shift button and click on it and your location will be copied and pasted into the input area of your chatbox simply click send.


How to Buy Items:
Go to any NPC that you can buy or sell items from and Simply click on them or drag them to your bag


How to Sell Items:
Go to any NPC that you can buy items from click sell and double click on the items you want to sell in your bag then click sell again.


How to Obtain Credits
You can Obtain them by Quests & Events


How to obtain Materials
You can obtain them by Quests & Events


How to check Rewards
Simply press on your keyboard


[u]Understanding Skill Upgrade:
Every Two Lvl’s you will ONE skill point


How to Talk to NPC’S:
Double Click any NPC to talk to them


New Player Protection:
When you are at lvl N you cannot be atk’ed by other players in the game.


This is also known as Player vs. Player When a person kills another member in the same faction their name turns red. THESE MEMBERS ARE CONSIDERED ENEMIES TO ALL FACTIONS. (So if they end up killing you DO NOT BLAME the faction it says they are in because the faction it says they are in hates them too)


Death Penalty:
When you die your equipped item will take 5% damage; You can use “Greater Repair Oils” to regain what you have lost.


How to Get Titles (Those big colorful names you see above peoples head with the clouds.)


Have you Started a Guild and Want people to know what your guild is about?
Have you started a Guild add it to the Official Mythic Saga Archives


Tired of the Game Music Wanna Know how to Mute it?


Making Sure you Claim ALL of your Rewards: (And Making Sure you Claim them Correctly)
A lot of people complain about how they have to spend a lot of money on items in this game.
REALLY, if you play the game right and correctly you shouldn’t spend over $120 on the game. Some are like (that is still a lot Son Yun, well it may be BUT I only said that because some people don’t have the patients to wait till they come across the item instead they spend money. ANYWAY!

The rewards box that blinks at the top of your screen (when you click claim) MAKE SURE YOU CLICK THE ITEM YOU WANT TO CLAIM. LOL. ;3 You don’t get all of those items you get to choose one; My suggestion is claim the Orb of Life x2, the Resurrection scroll x2, the Auto-Combat Resurrection Scroll x2, the Magic Orb x2, and the Genius Scroll x2. This will help you through the duration of the time you play the game for the day. ONLY claim the other items if you are LOW on them in your bag and you NEED them.


Don’t forget the game GIVES you FREE exp. DAILY
Simply click on your keyboard to open the Rewards Window Tab.
Make sure you click on EVERY tab across the top of this window and claim EVERYTHING that you can once you log onto the game for that day.


[u]People You should Visit Daily for Quests, Rewards, & Prize s
NPC Plato
NPC Tiger Palm
NPC Wheel Of Fate
NPC Spark


How to Get to LVL 50 in 5 days or Less
1. It IS possible, you simply have o be DEDICATED to the game LOL I haven’t done this….but that’s simply because ive only been playing the game for 3 ½ days and ive been figuring out the game for everyone else to be able to XD)

2. Do ALL Quests and Missions on your Track Quest Window (the window below your map on the right hand side)

3. Read and Follow this guide to make sure you are CORRECTLY upgrading, empowering, imbuing, tempering etc.

4. Participate in EVERY DAILY EVENT

5. DO ALL guild Missions DAILY

6. Make sure you Train on your Own, (This is important because every area that you visit on the game requires you to lvl up at least 5-10 lvl’s before you are able to go to the next area, so to make it a bit easier on yourself once you finish a Mission/Quest don’t go turn it in RIGHT after it says you have finished, use autocombat and take about a few more monters in that area to gain a bit more EXP, that way when you go to turn in your Quest and claim the reward, you’ll be a bit more closer to lvl’ing up rather if you were just to claim your reward. (YES even though this is a fun game and we have all these cool features like pathfinding, autocombat etc. you still have to work hard cause lvling up isn’t an easy task once you hit LVL 45 or higher)

Also don’t be afraid to roam about the game realm and find high level monsters with your party and try to take them out, higher monsters means more exp.

7. DO REPEATABLE Quests/Missions Daily. And also make sure you Visit the Forgotten Tomb, Tower of Judgement and the Palace once or Twice a day (basically till they say you can’t do it anymore for the day)

8. Meditate, for at least 8 hours everyday on the game and upgrade your zodiacs, elements etc. This is VERY important, because you don’t want to be a WEAK lvl 50.


Why is it everytime I levl Up The Event Window Opens?
Have you actually read the event page. It’s actually VERY insightful. Not only will it tell you how to operate your keyboard or understand how many of the features of the game work (hence when you are on the tab *Basic* and read through the left hand tabs on the site) But it also tells you what skills you are able to access at your current level and what they all will do when in combat. (Must be on the Upgrade Tab to see the Level and Skill Information)


The Split Item Feature
Most of the Items you get (if they are the same Item) will pile up ontop of each other they are refered to as stackable items (hence the number of how many you have in the lower corner of each item icon) Using the Split feature will divide the stackable items.

Where do you go to Turn in your Merits.
Location: Deadly Cavern (126,16)
Talk to Faction Stewart; Make sure you read which way you want to turn in your merits.

How to get Wings.

How to Get Your Newbie Package.

Mail Attachments
Members can attach Items to give to other players by clicking the attachment button in their Mailbox.

Types of People You can Find In the Mythic Saga Game:
Please click on this link to Gain the Following Information.
1. Gamer(s) People who simply want to play the game for FUN, without knowing the details of the game except how to lvl up and move though the game till the end.
2. PVP(ers) People who play simply to kill others because they believe its FUN.
3. Profile(rs) Usually people who are lvl 50 or higher and simply meditate all day or walk around the city standing in specific places so that others can view their awesomeness while they chat in the chatbox all day.
4. Rp(ers) People who get into character and play the game as if they are their character. These people, are kind of contagious, when you find them. Some of them even go as far as to:
A. Create Teams and parties, and meet up in specific areas of the game chat, spar, and do quests together.
B. Purposely create enemies and put them on their blacklist etc.
5. Unsocial(s) Those people who you can’t add as friends or even message, they simply stay to themselves and play the game.


How to stop getting atk’ed by the same PVP’er over and over again in the game:
A. Let everyone know how many resurrection scrolls you have and that atk’ing you wont make a difference (please don’t say a number lower than 300) they may still continue to atk you.

B. (Only applies if you are in a Party and you all are in the same location doing the same Quest)
Get your entire party to gang up on the PVP’er and kill the first. *More power in Numbers*

C. (Applies if you are in the City)
Find a Group of people meditating (at least 4 or more) and sit right in the middle of them so your name can’t be seen and meditate till the person leave.

Let everyone in the Faction know whats your location and where the PVP’er is Scream it out so people can come help you. FACTIONS SHOULD HELP REMIND PVP’ers OF THEIR PLACE; AND FIGHT TOGETHER AS ONE.


Understanding Skyblades:

Understanding Relics:

How to Enhance your Wings:

How to Enhance your Mount:

How to Upgrade Items:

How to Imbue Items:

How to Craft Gear:

How to Concentrate Items:

How to Upgrade Materials:

How to Upgrade Elements:

How to Upgrade Zodiacs:

*This Information is brought to you by The☽Mooñ•†ree☾ Guild; The Official Guild of Informational Assistance *
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The Official Mythic Saga Guide Archive 2012
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